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$1,500,000 Raised of $3,000,000

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Unique Hotel Project
Baker, California
$0 Raised of $35,000,000


Irvine Co-Locate Tech Hub
Irvine, California
$0 Raised of $500,000

Creative solutions for capital growth

Today's fundraising market has shifted drastically and we're right in front of the revolution.

There's a new playing field

We make the lives of issuers and investors easier by allowing access from any computer or mobile device.

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Online Presence Formation

We can help you create a compelling offering to raise the capital you need.

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The Process

We make the process easy for issuers and investors. We do the work, you get the benefit.

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Razr Ventures Is Leading the Way

Unprecedented access to highly prized deals – Issuers and Investors Save Time and Money.

Only the Best Deals

Some like quantity but we prefer quality in the deals we present. While we are not Registered Dealer Brokers, we are also not just a listing service. In fact, only companies that complete our rigorous 3 step process are presented on our Razr Ventures platform.

Investors Save

While some platforms charge investors fees through a number of different investment strategies Razr Ventures portal fees are paid by the Issuer, not the Investor. Saving time and money in the process is what we're all about and what keeps us at the forefront of change for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Unprecedented Access

Accredited Investors can now choose to invest along with leading Venture Capital Funds and experienced Angel Investors. We are constantly building associations for our investment listings with professional investors throughout the US and Internationally. Razr Ventures will become your home for unprecedented access to information about the deals you find most interesting.

Diversify Your Investments

While Issuers establish their own minimum investments, you will find a range of offerings with minimums to meet your comfort zone. Lower minimums may also give you a position that would otherwise not be available to you in more traditional angel investments. Lower minimums and high quality deals allows you to broaden your investment strategy and achieve greater diversification across industry sectors, markets and management teams, just like the highly successful VC firms do each day.

Helping Issuers and Investors

We've not only built a world class team of experienced executives to support Issuers and Investors throughout the process, we've also created the services that help all parties get the most from each offering.

Transparency Rules

By creating a comprehensive process which includes review and approval by our Investment Committee, we do our very best to see that the deals posted on Razr Ventures are vetted and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

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Streamline the investment process with North America's leader in equity crowdfunding. Ignite is North America's premiere creative agency dedicated toward creating and marketing equity crowdfunding campaigns. The RAZR ventures team has formed an exlusive partnership with Ignite to ensure that you get the best quality creative services at a highly competitive rate. Your campaign deserves the best, and if you're ready to take the next step toward reaching your funding goal, then Ignite is ready to help you and your team.

Your Project, Your Analytics

Track your progress in an efficient manner.

Track your funding progress and fine-tune your strategy.

We provide you with all the information you need to make smart investment decisions and realize the greatest returns.

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Razr Ventures Crowdfunding Equity, Real Estate, or Debt Transactions, offer you the best deals and the greatest selection.

We offer you a wide range of excellent investments with returns that compliment your portfolio and build wealth.

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What our investors and issuers are saying

Find out what makes us different and why we are leaders in the rapidly growing crowdfunding industry

"My experience with Razr Ventures gave me the feeling every step of the way that they are totally committed to finding high quality investments and bringing the best performing assets to market and making them accessible. They placed a great deal of emphasis on transparency throughout the process and worked hard to build a long term relationship. By building trust with me, I gained a great deal of confidencein the Razr Ventures team."

James KnightPrivate Investor

"Razr Ventures is making investing easier and much more efficient for me as an investor looking for greater returns and portfolio diversity."

Natalie WoodChief Investment Officer

"Thanks to you and your team at Razr Ventures for launching our equity crowdfunding effort. Razr Venture is first class! The process was easy. Your team was extremely helpful. I appreciate how your team managed the process and offered suggestions to make sure we had everything to populate our crowdfunding site. And kudos to your team for the prompt work over the holidays to roll out our campaign by CES! We're looking forward to the visibility and connections to investors. "

Tony WongFounder, Badu Netowrks, Inc

"Their deals often allow for minimum investor thresholds that permit a wider group of our contacts to participate in all types of deals, providing the returns they require."

Henry PalmerStartup Founder

""We really enjoy working with the team at RAZR Ventures. Their commitment to fully transparent, financial information really appeals to us as accountants. They ensure all deals are well prepared and cover all the bases of what a prospective investor would need to know. The platform lays out all of the information nicely and provides a single hub for businesses and investors to meet up and make things happen." "

Rhett MolitorCofounder, Basis365.com

Meet the Team

We are dedicated to your success as a investor and as an issuer. We know how to build great campaigns and how to get deals done!

Mark Thimmig

Chairman, CEO with 30+ years in investment experience.

Lee Decker

Chief of Strategy and Analyst. in charge of discovering new market trends and creative direction for capital raises.

Dr. Todd Rickel

Senior Investment Advisor specializing in Technology, Real Estate, Telecom, Education and Health Care. Todd brings a unique problem solving process to RAZR Ventures.

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