7 Investment Sectors Well Positioned for Crowdunding in 2015

2015 Crowdfunding Investing

Digital Marketplaces have shown consistent growth over the past several years and continue to be well placed for growth in 2015. Not least among these opportunities is Crowdfunding itself. While not strictly a marketplace, the financial revolution created by crowdfunding will drive investments and innovations, as well as relationships and ancillary services. A thriving mobile…

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4 Crowdfunding Innovations for 2015

Crowdfunding Innovations

2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for Crowdfunding. Investors, entrepreneurs and portal operators will benefit from innovations originating from other sectors who are attracted to the growth markets opened through Crowdfunding. Four of those innovations that will influence the sector this year are included below. Mobile Pay options will permeate Rewards…

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Timing the Crowd: Winter Investments

Crowdfunding Winter Investing Tips

Some industries are seasonal and timing your entry and exit could be beneficial. Of course, timing the market doesn’t work for 99.999% of us but there are reasonable approaches to seasonal trends. I’m listing seven(ish) industries that thrive in winter even though the timing of their inclusion here may be too late for most investors…

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Top 5 Crowdfunding Industry Investments for 2015

Top Industries for Crowdfunding

Perhaps a better title would be Five of the Top Investment Industries Ripe for Crowdfunding Opportunities. There are many, many more than I’ve listed here. In fact, I omitted technology from my top five listing even as I continuously review these options myself out of personal preference. They require a little more expertise and carry…

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5 Insights into Crowdfunding in 2015

2015 Predictions

Now is the time when all the prognosticators come out of the woodwork for 2015, while dodging botched predictions for 2014. It is a time honored tradition. So here goes my 2014 dodge. I’ll cover 2014 more thoroughly when data get released but offer now a Top Five Countdown of insights for 2015…. Accredited Investors…

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Five Steps to Demystify Crowd Investing

Internet access

Previous blogs have discussed the necessity for investors to be accredited for equity and debt crowdfunding offerings. But that does not mean that as an accredited investor you have any particular experience with such matters. There are some things you should look for in advance when deciding upon an investment. Investing in a company though…

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3 Reasons Why Issuers Should Use Crowdfunding to Market Their Deals

City 2

I’m going to break all the rules of journalism and blogs and instead of making you read through paragraphs of fluff I will simply tell you upfront that three of the main reasons why you should crowdfund the marketing of your deal is access to larger investor pools, faster transaction process, and lower costs. I’ll…

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How Much Equity Should I Give Up In the First Round?

Financial Forecast 2

This is quite literally for many companies a million dollar question. The frustrating answer as you probably already guessed is, “Well it depends…”. Typical first rounds give up 10-30% of the company’s equity. There are so many variables that it is hard to give general advice (even though these are the kinds of questions I…

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Defining 506c Accredited Investors


One of the top ten questions I routinely get asked since the September 23, 2013 506c exemption went live is the definition of an accredited investor. The clarification was required by the 2012 JOBS Act that created a new exemption under Regulation D 506 program allowing general advertising of an offering. This exemption opened up…

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Regulation D 506c Equity Deal Essentials

Stock Certificates

The 506c rule is quite new, having been “activated” in late September of 2013. This rule both broadens and restricts the safe harbor of private offering exemptions permitted by 506b. Companies can now use general advertising and broadly solicit their offering so long as they fulfill two restrictions: First, investors in the company’s offering must…

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