Women Investing in Real Estate

Women Investing

As a father of four daughters and with a professional wife of over twenty years, the state of women in the workplace, glass ceilings, and gender bias have been topics of more than one dinner conversation with our family. As it happens, there has been a silent revolution across real estate investing by women investors and it was pointed out to me…at just one of those dinner conversations…that it’s about time I include this topic among my blog posts.

The world of investing has come a long way for women since Muriel “Mickie” Siebert broke the glass ceiling and joined 1,365 male peers owning a seat on the NYSE in 1967. Prominent women leaders have joined Mickie’s drive to open new opportunities both for women in financial services and for those women who followed in their footsteps across other sectors.

Crowdfunding investors thrive in an environment where traditional investors are often constrained and lack true scalability. As I have written about often, credible Crowdfunding companies pull in both investors and entrepreneurs (at the same time) and encourage interactions across the same platform. Crowdfunding requires marketing, social media, networking and communication skills far superior to old fashioned smoke-filled country club or faded rolodex approaches found across our financial system. Women excel in these new, open and professional arenas.

Whether seeking investment for a company designed for “wholesaling” or “flipping” residential homes one at a time, or larger commercial real estate projects, Crowdfunding services answer the call. Many women have strong communication and relationship skills. Whether you are an advocate of nature or nurture, women professionals are well suited to excel in the financial world of Crowdfunding where pre-existing biases, roadblocks, and “good old boy” clubs simply do not exist.

Crowdfunding is all about performance and building relationships. It levels the playing field and gender is quite simply irrelevant. Women have long held roles locally as Real Estate agents and in large enough numbers that top million dollar producers are often women. The past decades have seen similar stellar performers in traditional financial firms.

But Crowdfunding beats them all. Real Estate agents, brokers, and women professionals are seeing that entry into real estate investment, a relatively closed option to 99% of the population regardless of gender, has had its doors thrown wide. Just as Crowdfunding is taking the investment world by storm, so too are women taking their place in leadership across this new, gender blind field. The ability to connect investors to entrepreneurs, provide world class customer service and transparency, and to do so across a dynamic platform through social media and marketing strategies has all the makings of a second glass ceiling broken. In fact, it’s a glass ceiling that never existed in this nascent industry thanks in large part to Mickie (who passed away in August of 2013) and those who followed in her footsteps.

Dr. Rickel is a Senior Advisor at RAZR with executive experience across multiple industries. Member of CFIRA, NLCFA. Todd can be reached at $Doctor@razr.com.